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Post by Yy on Thu Mar 20, 2008 8:41 pm

FAQ about bank-in or transfers

Bank-in through:

* Cash-in at bank counter - immediate
* Local Cheque at same or different bank (counter or machine)
o bank-in morning - 1 day
o bank-in afternoon - 2 days
* Outstation Cheque (meaning issued cheque and bank-in account is not from same state)
o bank-in morning - 2 day
o bank-in afternoon - 2-3 days
* Online transfer different bank (GIRO) - 2 days
* Online transfer third party account (same bank) - immediate

1. Days listed above must be counted as working days (which does not include Saturday and Sunday currently)
2. Morning = bank opening hour till 2pm
3. Afternoon = after 2pm

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