Tips for Zeus , The Lord Of Olympia

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Tips for Zeus , The Lord Of Olympia

Post by abcs9723270i on Sat Apr 12, 2008 1:12 pm

1. Arc Lightning and Static Field

It might already be known to many how well these two skills synergize. But I still notice many Zeus players not getting Arc Lightning till late game. Well, spamming a Level 1 arc lightning (extremely low many cost!) at an incoming push or defending enemy cluster could severely enervate their life points. Each cast triggers Static Field, reducing their current hit points by so-and-so percent but when you add these up, your Zeus is actually reducing the effective maximum HP of everyone from the opposing force! For how much? 200 mana? With sufficient Mana regen, this is negligible but the effects—the effects are wondrous.

2. Wrath, Wrath, Wrath!

The ultimate Kill Stealer / Finisher. Every Zeus player loves getting Double or Triple kill with this one. But his teammates hate it. But hey, we are here to discuss how to improve the role of Zeus in team clashes.

When to cast Wrath? Well, I am sure this has happened once too often in your DotA lives—you cast Wrath hoping to kill the enemy hero in red, but all you see is him typing, I live! You wonder how many HP he has left. Someone tells you, 24.

You missed that kill. Why, oh why? Because you did not cast Wrath immediately. The moral, cast it right after a team clash begins. The effects? You will encourage your teammates to fight on because they will see the enemy hp bars shrink back. Your enemies will also be somewhat terrified and the indecisive ones might pull back prematurely, ensuring your team victory for that battle. Plus, if you cast Wrath immediately, you maximize its effect. All enemy heroes get damaged. But if you cast it late, a lot of damage is wasted. The damage that your allies have dealt to kill some foes could have been distributed to other ones, rendering more kills, if and only if you casted Wrath immediately.

Shock them right away. Thundergod’s Wrath immediately. See the difference.

Also, Thundergod's Wrath gives vision to all enemy heroes. This means that we could use this to initiate an ambush or clash. With proper surveillance, your team can know when the enemies are NOT together but are relatively near each other. When this is the case, cast Wrath, then proceed to hunt the enemies as a team. Go for the loners first. The usual reaction of the foes nearby would be to lend their allies a hand. This is good because your team can actually nail them all. With the damage Wrath has incurred at the beginning, all the heores would be fairly easier to kill.

3. Lightning Bolt
This skill, Zeus's bread-and-butter spell, is so common but does eveyone know it can halt channelling spells? Yes, it does. So if you're Zeus, try to bear this in mind. Stop Crixalis once his tail goes up. Those fleeing heroes? Wait for them to start Town Portal then cast Lightning. Oyea.

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